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TorSEOPPC is a digital marketing agency with deep expertise in Search Engine Optimization, Google Pay Per Click Campaigns and content creation using Artificial Intelligence and LLMs. We will help you get more traffic, convert into customers and increase sales.

Successful SEO for our customers

Successful digital marketing

TORSEOPPC has helped many customers improve their online presence, get more traffic and grow their business.

Unravel Therapeutics

Unravel Therapeutics is a spa chain in Seattle that leverages SEO and Google Ads to drive thousands of customer interactions every month.


A local TV station in Spain for which we created and edited hours of content across many different TV shows.

Stir up the paint

A leading interactive event company with hundreds of events across the United States and a vibrant online presence.

Generative AI and LLMs will drastically change digital marketing

SEO in the age of ChatGPT

Generative artificial intelligence is now available to everyone. This is changing how marketing materials are created, including extreme personalization. And it's also changing what advertisers need to do to stand out. TORSEOPPC specializes in using Generative AI to create custom digital marketing campaigns for a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

Automatic creation of personalized marketing messages and translation of your marketing slogans to hundreds of languages.

AI generated content to advertise product or services with high production value and much lower costs.

Marketing collateral created using generative AI. Zero cost of equipment, or materials.

Fully customized marketing campaigns, leveraging AI to run through hundreds of different combinations.

We wrote about many other example applications of generative AI here.

A team of digital marketing experts

Our team

We have experience in digital marketing and multimedia content creation.

David Tordable

David Tordable isn't your average creative. With a career that spans over a decade in TV and video editing, he's the guy behind the scenes making things happen. David cut his teeth in the hectic world of television, where he learned to tell stories that stick and craft visuals that pop. His journey through video editing wasn't just about splicing clips together; it was about bringing ideas to life, working on some cool projects that turned heads and got people talking.Now, David's stepping into a new arena with his own SEO and digital marketing agency. This isn't just a career shift; it's a leap into the digital unknown, fueled by his solid track record and a knack for knowing what clicks. He's all set to shake up the digital marketing world, bringing that same mix of gritty creativity and no-nonsense strategy that's been his trademark from day one.David also has years of experience writing, directing and filming a variety of video content and knows what works and what doesn't to engage viewers.

Javier Tordable

Javier is a technology executive with over 15 years of experience at Google. During this time he had several roles leading search engine tools as part of Google Search. Javier was the technical lead for Google Webmaster Tools (later rebranded as Search Console), and worked hand in hand with the Google Search engineers that build the ranking, indexing and anti-spam features of Google. Javier brings a wealth of experience in search engine optimization, the factors that affect website ranking in the web.Javier was also tech lead of a team in Google Ads that build infrastructure for Ads reporting. Within this role he developed a multitude of tools to evaluate ad performance. Javier is intimately familiar with Ads infrastructure and to create successful online campaigns. Ads that work well and convert website visitors into paying customers.Recently Javier has focused on Generative AI and in particular using tools like large language models to efficiently create content and boost online presence.

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The future of digital marketing

How AI will change Digital Marketing

AI to generate marketing material


Generative AI to plan campaigns and do SEO


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